Be mindful of a 

POLITICALLY AMBITIOUS CRITIC. Today, they come to you as MESSIAH; tomorrow as your TORMENTOR!


I Don’t Want to Be Me Without Thee.

Who am I

So favoured by your mercy?

A broken life

You have molded me so lovingly.
All my life

Never found a love like this,

Till you came and fixed me

And gave my life a whole new meaning.
You are my all

My everything.

I am worthless-nothing without thee.

You complete me

So perfectly.

I don’t want to be me without thee.

A thousand times

I have fallen into darkness.

And every time

You held me out with your kindness.
I have realised

Without you I can’t live.

For you define every bit of my life with your own glory.
You are my all

My everything

I am worthless-nothing without thee

You complete me

So perfectly.

I don’t want to be me without thee.

Sept 5th, 2017.

Kano, Nigeria.

God Never Cares…

God never cares

About your man made categorization of 

tribes, religion or colour

For He loves us all unconditionally

Without fear or favour.
He never cares

Whether you are Jewish, Buddhist,

Muslim or a christian

Or whether you are black, white, red or brown

Or Hausa, Igbo , or Yoruba

Or from the North, West, East or South.
He never cares for any of these

Man made attempt at categorising 

His wondrous work of creation

Into hateful works of division.
His plan was not to create and make

Christians, Jews, Muslims,

 Indians, Americans, Africans, 

Europeans or Asians out of mankind.

His plan is simply to create 

HUMANS out of mankind.
Until we come to realise 

That we are nothing less than HUMANS

We will continue to blindly kill, maim, and destroy our kind.
For on that day

God will never judge you 

Based on how religious you were

Or how racially superior you were

But how humanitarian you were.
For have you forgotten the greatest commandment?:

“… Love your neighbor as you love yourself”

Only he that does so does the will of God.
#stop killing Muslims in Burma.

#raise your voice!


People often say that the hope for Biafra died with Chief

Odumegwu Ojukwu. That no other person can have such massive

cult followership like him. His face had always symbolised the the

struggle. It was the face which most looked up to and believed

that the dream was still alive. But with his death came a vacuum.

There was evidently none that could feel that void; for none seem

to have that magnetic capability which he exuded. Not even the

leader of MASSOB could step into his shoes.

But suddenly out of an unlikely source came a piece of rock

which seem to have become the corner stone of the present

Biafran movement. And that rock is Nnamdi Kanu.

How did he do it?(or better still how did they do it?) How did the

name Nnamdi Kanu so quickly and sleekly replace the name of

Ojukwu in the lips of the Biafran faithfuls of this modern

generation? How did they succeed in getting the whole country to

become immersed in the discussion of Biafra every single minute

of the day that even I that wasn’t too keen on politics had to

queue into the Biafran debate? It was obvious. It was just a

simple game plan which followed a well structured formula or

algorithm that was aimed at creating a messiah out of an

unknown and inglorious Nnamdi Kanu and to equally transform an

ingenuous Biafran movement into an insidious religious one. All of

which took just 5 steps:


Some people say messiahs are not created but are born. In

Kanu’s case he didn’t appear to be the usual product of a

propounded prophesy, birth, or miracle but was a well strategized

creation of a necessitated messiah. I believed they (Biafran

sponsors) must have thought pensively that they needed a

change of tactics. And the tactics was simple: create a Messiah

which the people have to look up to for their salvation. For Biafra

to be taken seriously it needed a leader, an hallowed face, a

person who could play the saviour role in a demi-god fashion

which had been lacking since Chief Ojukwu’s stance during the

civil war in the late 60s. Culturally, the assumption of a deified

stance by an Igbo man over his people is unheard of due to the

past egalitarian structure of the Igbo society. No wonder most of

the people that spoke for Biafra’s return after the war ended,

spoke as social activist who wanted to speak out against the

injustice they had believed the Nigerian structure had placed upon

them but weren’t ready to attract any public acknowledgement

and reverence to themselves. Noticing that this sort of stance

have not lead to any concrete result from time past, the creation

of a messianic sort of demagogue became the best card. And

they were right. It was the best card since historically speaking

no set of people have ever attained freedom or secession without

a central figure playing the role of a messiah. Check Nelson

Mandela of South Africa, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Haile

Salasie of Ethiopia, Mahatma Gandhi of India etc.

Therefore Nnamdi Kanu became a manufactured hero that will

rescue Biafra into self actualization. And what better way to do it

than to create a messianic activist with a little bit of a religious

twist? This is interesting judging from the fact that it was only

recently that it became known that Nnamdi Kanu does practise

the Jewish faith (modern day Moses to the rescue, right?).

Obviously shocking isn’t it? For when did he become a Jew? Did

he become a Jew purposely for this movement in order to attach

some sense of religious embellishment to his new found role as

the messiah; saviour of the Biafran people? Well be my guest.


This was simple. The country had just had elections and had

elected a former military General who fought in the war and was

from the northern part of the country. Like most past military

officers – once a soldier always a soldier; the freedom of speech

democratic bull sh?t isn’t their thing. And thus diplomacy is not

always their strategy when it comes to issues.

Hence, how should our messiah get noticed if not to provoke this

latest General turned civilian President by provocative statements?

And hallelujah! The plan worked, as very soon the government

could not ignore the hate gospels coming from the messiah. It

became so blasphemous to Nigerian unity that the government

had to sort for ways to block the Messiah’s little crusader Biafran

Radio. Slowly, with this, Nnamdi Kanu’s growth into a messiah

began to manifest with his successful luring and trapping of the

Federal government into his treasonable game of hate and talk of

disunity. In that many people who never knew him before began

to search for him and his radio station ; to some like the biblical

wise men looking for the Messiah and ; some others like king

Herod seeking for his downfall.


The Biafran radio phenomena had sparked up great progress

since it had successfully thrown the Biafran topic into the polity.

A country that has always been shying away from its past now

stood exposed. But to sustain the momentum the next move

needed to be taken. And that move was for the anointed Biafran

messiah to be arrested and placed on trial. Nnamdi Kanu knew

definitely that for a Messiah to be born he had to return to the

very source. Therefore just like biblical Christ , he had made his

less than triumphant entry into Nigeria purposely to taunt the

Nigerian government to arrest him. And like a cat that can’t

withhold its primal appetite for rats, the government fell for the

bait and arrested him.


The federal government had found this rat too difficult to swallow

that it had to allow it slip in between its fingers. There was no

cross for this messiah to be nailed upon today, therefore Nnamdi

Kanu gets a bailed release.

His arrest and jail was primarily to achieve the status of a

messiah who had suffered for his people’s redemption. It was

totally unheard of that one who had not suffered persecution, jail

and torture should come and assume himself to the people as

the messiah. Messiahs often times have had to and were meant

to suffer for their people’s sake. Therefore his long stay in a

federal jail was to deify himself and in turn demonize the federal

government. And sincerely it worked as he suddenly won the love

and support of many Biafran faithfuls. This was something he

wouldn’t have achieved if he wasn’t arrested and released in the

first place.


Nnamdi Kanu’s transformation into a Messiah becomes complete

after his release from jail. He became like a prophet (if not a little

higher than a prophet) in the sight of many Biafran faithfuls. He

became transformed from the state of an angry unknown Radio

Biafra broadcaster abroad to a sort of Biafran high priest in South

East Nigeria. Many pictures of people bowing down to him to

receive his blessings, and people confessing that they had been

healed simply by touching him, seriously though hilariously,

depicted or created an image of him as a real epic Messiah. For

can you beat this?- what is a messiah without a miraculous

capability ? You tell me.

By the way Nigerians fall among the most religious sets of people

on earth in that for anyone or preacher to be taken serious a sign

needs to be performed. Biafran faithfuls needed nothing more.

They had seen the sign and therefore had no option than to

worship the arrival of the messiah that will finally take them out of

Egypt into the promised ” land of the rising sun” (or is it setting

sun?). All that needed to be done was to send word that there is

hope and that the messiah has come and Biafra has become

reborn into a religion to bring succour to its people.


“Religion is an opium but when smoked excessively becomes


Nnamdi Kanu and his followers have succeeded in making the

Biafran movement to appear like a new religion. Though the mere

look of a black man trying so hard to appear to be Jewish with a

blend of tribal Igbo special effects seem to look like an awkwardly

prepared meal straight from the pot of a confused comedian, but

one cannot help but admire Nnamdi Kanu for how he had

succeeded in transforming himself into a religious caricature of a

” black holy Moses “for Biafra’s move to freedom.

The Biafran movement as a religion with holy man Kanu as the

head is basically geared at planting Biafra as a movement that

will be able to outlive many generations ,even if it fails to achieve

its purpose for the moment. For mind you , one thing about

religion is that it is simply an entity which survives and breathes

on the faithful devotion of its subjects or worshippers. A religion

never dies even if the initiator of it dies. For long after him

,generations to generations will continue to pick up the mantle in

a more devoted and daring way. It is more easy to disrupt a

social group, bandit, militial, or rebels than to destroy a religion

(which I am yet to see the possibility of). The only way to

dismantle a religion is to silent and obliterate its followers or

worshippers, or possibly for the worshippers to themselves

abandon their faith ( which is equally impossible).

From historical experience, persecuting a religious group only

makes them stronger and therefore cannot be an advisable option

as an action for the government to take. The Biafran sponsors

knew this and therefore had worked towards creating a Messianic


Gradually, Biafra is achieving a religious followership status. The

journey out of Egypt has began in earnest. Maybe it will happen

now, maybe it might happen later, or maybe it might never

happen altogether; it all depends on what and how these messianic

tactics play out in the long run.