PDP? APC? Who Do I Blame? 

Whether PDP or APC none of them should ever get our sympathy. It will be blatantly ignorant to say that the PDP govt did not wreck havoc on this nation, corruption and looting wise, with their “share the money syndrome” instead of saving, and it will be a case of being naive when one says APC is a party filled with saints; for none of those in APC can boast of being impeccable.  What we need to know is that politicians,  whichever party they are from have always been responsible for our problems. So I am surprised at people’s straight faced and unashamed  ignorance when they attempt to say one party is responsible and another isn’t. The Economy was bouyant during the past administration but did that boom really transformed your life to the extent that you are self sufficient now that things are hard? If it did I am sure you will not be complaining now that things are bad. And those who spend their saliva trying to defend the present govt, should not forget that nearly the same set of persons that are in APC presently were actually members of the same PDP that they claimed to have been responsible for the country’s mess. 

So what are we saying here? Give yourself a break in trying to defend humans who are so imperfect. By the way the Economy is not good presently, so what are you doing to help yourself survive through it other than sitting idly wasting your vocal fluid in defending PDP or APC when if tomorrow they come to offer you peanut to shut up your basket mouth you will be so eager,  idiotically and forgetfully, to accept to knee down and kiss and lick their filthy toes with your sycophantic tongues. 
Sincerely, they are not worth it.

BETWEEN OBAMA’S YEARS & TRUMP’S SWEARING IN… Where Are You? By Godwin Ogwuche (Motivational speaker) 

In January 2009, I was 36 years old going on 37. Exactly 8 years and one day today, the then Senator Barack Hussein Obama took the oath of office in front of the capitol building in Washington DC as the 44th President of the United States. We all watched on cable TV as the world welcomed the first Black President of the Free World.

Yesterday, in the same place, Donald John Trump, took the same oath of office to become the 45th President of the United States. He became the first person in the history of that country to ascend that office without having any public service experience.
Between January 20, 2009 and January 20, 2017, how have I as a person evolved? Am I a different person from who I was 8 years ago? Have I grown in spirit, in my knowledge of life, in finance, in capacity, as a father, a friend to someone, and a better person generally? If I celebrated the incoming of Barack Obama and joined in the excitement of the first Black President of the USA and saw and lived through his 8 years of two terms Presidency and as Donald Trump took over yesterday, I have not changed as a person in the intervening years, then I have merely existed on earth for 8 straight years!
I have used Obama’s term and Trump’s inauguration as a metaphor to make us realize that whether we are conscious of it or not, our lives keep ticking away and if we are not careful, all we end up doing in life is celebrating other people’s achievements, criticizing those we believe haven’t done well while our own lives simply slides away in the passage of time! If Obama’s hair grew from dark to grey and during that time he signed Obamacare into law, grew America’s economy from the Great Recession into prosperity with massive jobs created, took out Osama bin Ladin and got a Nuclear Deal with Iran signed while American relations with Cuba got normalized, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING FOR YOUR OWN LIFE ALL THESE TIMES?
It is easy for us to get carried away with the achievements of people we consider celebrities and end up focusing on what they did, are doing or didn’t do and then completely forget that we didn’t just come to this earth as mere spectators.
Eight years is a long time. You could have gone to school, obtained a degree, gotten a job or started a business and married! In 8 years, you could have started a small business and grown it into a modest or mega enterprise; in 8 years you could have diligently become a value-adding individual through consistent capacity building.
I am glad to report that I have seriously evolved in these 8 years. I am not the person I was when Obama took office; I have grown and become a better person. However, I am not where I should be yet; I am not resting cool because there is still more to do. By the time Donald Trump is done with his first term in 2021, I would 49. If he wins a second term, he would be rounding up in 2025 and by then, I would be 53! It means that I should brace up for 8 years of personal development, capacity enhancement, closer walk with God with tangible results, building a better family, earning an increased decent income to make life more comfortable for myself and those whose destinies are tied to mine. 8 years from today, I should be better than who I am today. This will not happen if I simply allow time to pass by without taking steps and using the passing time!
My friends, what are you doing with your life? I am Godwin Ogwuche and I just want to provoke your thoughts as I have been provoked to be more DELIBERATE and PURPOSEFUL about life.

Sickness be Ashamed 

You come with chains 
Inflicting this little girl with pains 

Her strength you seize 

Her breath you squeeze. 
You say she will never survive 

Because you want her life. 
You burn her head with fever 

You dug her heart with cough 

Her body shivers all over 

Her blood is what you want. 
But you are so wrong, sickness

For she will definitely survive. 
Her recovery will put you 

to shame

For she will stay alive. 
Your chains of pain 

That you so much claim 

Will never be used again 

To torture her veins. 
You don’t own her breath 

And neither her health 

So how dare you torture her to this depth? 
The owner of her life is God 

So stop your lies and discord 

For He will put you to shame with just a word 

And she will regain 

Her strength, so healthy and strong. 
So sickness be ashamed 

For your end has come 

She is healthy and hale 

God be praised 

For what He has done.
(Dedicated to Janet Nyityo.) 

“Where Demons Hide”

He is humble 

And gentle 

A saint 

From Heaven 

So virtues 

So righteous 

They speak of you 

With kind words
But none will ever see 

The demons inside thee 

The sins 

You commit 

Within are so deep 

That no one could perceive. 
They are the dark sinister thoughts 

Which are spoken without words 

They are the evil you reserve 

In your secret tiny voice. 
These demons you have kept in a place 

Away from curious eyes 

Hidden in a space 

Where none could divine its evil signs;

The disguise 

When you smile 

When inside 

You despise

The lovely face you make 

When all you feel is hate. 
How much you wish

You slay 

Those that offend you with hate

“I have forgiven you”, Is what you say, 

But you wish 

You make them pay. 
Though you pretended 

Not to have seen 

Delilah’s Teasing shapes and curves 

But deep Within you crave 

To explore her sinful touch. 

Perverted thoughts of lust 

Now hunts you like a curse

You have tried to hid them

In your heart

So none could see or discern. 
Oh they judge you by your looks 

The good they have seen you do 

But how will they ever know 

The evil inside you? 
You speak of purity 

You filthy entity? 

Thinking you can forever hide 

These demons inside thee? 
Fooling men with your Charming spell 

Not knowing you are a walking hell 

For time will truly tell 

When your demons will swell 

And consume you as well 

Then you will have become

An irreversible hell. 
For God sees and judges 

From within 

What none can see or perceive.

Love Face on 

I have got my LOVE FACE ON 

Go switch your HATE FACE OFF 

For while you hating me 

I’ll be so soaked in love 
You say you hate my looks 

You wish to see me with a frown 

So you call me  sassy clown 

While you’re a goblin in a gown 
Try to take a shot 

You think I’m sicker than a scum 

But I’m so love proof 

I’ll cure your hatred 

Like a drug 
You say you want to chew me 

With your bitterness and hatred 

Too bad I taste good 

Better than all you’ve ever tasted 
For my LOVE delicacies 

Will take your HATE delinquencies

Turn it into sweets 

For you to eat 

And dance and spin 
Cos I’m love fertilizer 

Hate neutralizer 

A cure for your fever 

A miracle maker 

A peace (giver) 

A way (maker) 

For my LOVE (a river) 

Flows from Heaven (Forever).